What is a copywriter? How to Become a Copywriter – Salary, Qualifications, skills

The advertising and media industry development has led to a great need for human resources to work as copywriters. The job and salary of this industry are pretty hot, so it attracts many young people who want to follow the profession.

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a person who creates content for advertising channels, radio, Internet content, websites, press releases, flyers, direct mail documents, etc., for marketing purposes.

The content of the text written by the copywriter is usually information to persuade readers to buy/use the service or contribute to improving the level of brand recognition.

What do copywriters do?

There are many fields of work when pursuing a copywriting career. Focus mainly on the following seven groups of work:

  • Sale Letter Copywriter: Write a letter to advertise a product (Sale letter), or write a long content article for the Website (Sale Page), press release. Sale Letter Copywriter is the most traditional group of jobs.
  • Digital copywriter: Create the content on digital tools (such as display banner, email) to help increase the Conversion Rate for all stages of online advertising/marketing campaigns. Do Social Post, Copy navigation on the Web, microcopy.
  • Technical copywriter: Usually doing this field are reputable experts in a field. The task is to write PR articles to introduce, evaluate product reviews, analyze advantages and disadvantages of new products
  • SEO Copywriter: Has the task of focusing on SEO techniques such as the frequency of keywords appearing, keyword placement, … The primary purpose is to help optimize the website to increase SEO rankings for the article and the main website.
  • Inhouse Copywriter: Specializes in writing articles about brands. The writer understands his brand as well as the tastes of customers related to the product.
  • Publisher/Content Copywriter: Usually doing this is the person who has a significant influence, has a loyal readership. Content Publisher undertakes PR post, advertisement, forum seeding storyboard.
Copy Writer Job
The daily grind of copywriters; source: thebalancecareers.com

While words are the main output of a copywriter, writing isn’t necessarily what we spend most of our time doing. We have to do a lot of research and thinking, tweaking and formatting, and a bunch of other seemingly peripheral tasks. And, a marketing copywriter will do a whole lot more on top of that.

It would help if you spent half your time researching, third editing and only sixth writing. Despite what some people think, copywriting is a lot more than translate words.

Where do copywriters work?

Copywriters often work for organizations such as:

  • Advertising and marketing agencies (Agency): Here the copywriter will do right with his or her scope of work and expertise – copywriting. The job requires creativity and high expertise
  • Enterprises, especially in the Content Marketing department: Write documents for one or a few pre-designated brands of the company and some other work required by the unit. The work in this group is stable.

In addition, a Copywriter also works as a freelancer (Freelance Copywriter). They actively receive guests and work on projects. Often freelancers are experienced, hard-working people.

Qualities needed for a Copywriter job

  • Likes to receive information through channels such as reading, watching, listening. This is a necessary quality for you to have rich social knowledge and understanding, from which to analyze information to produce quality articles.
  • Have good writing skills. This is a must-have skill for the profession. Good writing helps you convey messages to customers clearly, coherently, and attractively.
  • Be creative:  Help you create new, unique, attractive content, contributing to the attraction and success of the brand.
  • Proficient in using computers, good application of software such as Quark XPress, Adobe InDesign, Adobe, Persuasion, Prezi and Corel Presentations, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PDF, etc. Software and techniques to maximize search engines search (SEO)
  • High pressure resistance. Deadline is a concept often mentioned in this profession. Therefore, you must be able to arrange work well, scientifically, under work pressure.

Copywriter salary

  • Intern (Intern Copywriter) usually from 3 – 5 million / month or negotiable salary according to capacity. Usually 3rd and 4th year students usually start this position
  • New graduate (Junior Copywriter): Average from 7-10 million/month, and higher can be up to 15 million or more depending on working ability.
  • Staff with 3-5 years experience (Senior copywriter) from 15 – 45 million/month.
  • Management (Content Manager): About 20-35 million / 1 month. This position requires you to have at least 2-3 years of experience
  • Content Director: About 20 – 40 million/month
  • Freelance Copywriter: Freelance copywriter salary can be calculated by hour, by project, by percentage. Average from 15 – 30 million VND / 1 month, maybe more.
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