What is International Relations? Career, skills you must know

The sources of foreign investment are increasing. Therefore, the demand for human resources in the field of International Relations is increasing day by day.

What is International Relations? 

International relations is a branch of political science, the study of diplomacy and global issues between countries through international systems, including states, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and multinational companies (MNCs).

Besides politics, international relations is also interested in different fields such as economics, history, law, philosophy, geography, sociology, anthropology, psychology, culture.

This industry also concerns issues as diverse as globalization and its effects on society and the sovereignty of nations, ecological protection, nuclear growth, nationalism, economic development, terrorism, organized crime, human security, and human rights.

What are the subjects for international relations?

Choosing the International Relations major, students will learn:

  • Basic knowledge of history – modern world politics;
  • Knowledge of political science;
  • Basic theories and schools in international relations;
  • Basic knowledge of international law;
  • Vietnam’s foreign policy; foreign policies of major countries in the world;
  • Basic knowledge of world cultures and religions;
  • Basic knowledge of the organization and operation of international organizations

Careers in International Relations

There are many things you can do with a degree in international relations. Below are some options:

  • Diplomats, international negotiators, policy researchers… at diplomatic agencies, consular offices, international organizations.
  • Brand representative, human resource management, public relations, event organization… in multinational corporations:
  • Project manager, media representative,… at international organizations, NGOs
  • Teaching and researching in the fields of politics, international relations, diplomacy, international economics – finance, international development policy… at universities and research institutes.

Essential Skills for a Career in International Relations

  • Good foreign language: foreign language skills are an essential tool for students, a plus point for recruiters. Fluency in one or two foreign languages is becoming a mandatory requirement for candidates. Foreign languages are a crucial factor for you to access more and more job opportunities.
  • Good communication, presentation, and negotiation skills: Persuasive negotiation is one of the most critical skills to achieve success in establishing economic relationships between businesses worldwide. In particular, attracting and retaining potential customers requires you to be sensitive to psychology and predict your partners’ needs, thereby offering the most effective strategies. Communication is also a key factor for expanding and maintaining relationships within the company and community of people working in the same field.
  • Teamwork skills, independent working skills: Independent work and teamwork are two complementary skills to complete the job well with a spirit of cooperation and initiative. Collaboration requires you to know how to cooperate with colleagues, divide work appropriately and follow a common goal. Meanwhile, work requires you to handle tasks actively and learn how to manage and complete the assigned work.
  • Deep social knowledge: to become an expert in this field requires a profound social understanding.

What salary can I earn with an International Relations degree?

There’s no scientific way of predicting the salaries International Relations graduates can expect, and it varies widely by location, as well. But the table below shows the average entry-level salaries for typical jobs that IR graduates qualify for:

Average annual salaryLondon / UKBerlin / Germany
Policy Analyst£32,00045,000 EUR
Intelligence Analyst£30,00050,000 EUR
Publishing Editor£26,00030,000 EUR

International relations is a good major for students interested in learning about essential issues on a global scale. Demand for people with this degree continues to grow, especially as the world experiences unprecedented changes and events.

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